Rabu, 31 Agustus 2011

Glodok-Jakarta Barat

For the adventurous food must know Glodok area, the area west jakarta china town in the region, the majority in this area lived in by descendants of china, however this area in addition  china food  there are also other foods that taste archipelago.

Sekba, typical Chinese food which includes food such as intestinal viscera, plenty, kidney, there are also ear, tongue, nose because there is a typical Chinese food then we would not be surprised because the food on offer is a pork meat and offal, brown color when in jakarta may be equal to the difference jengkol stews stews using jengkol ,
sekba on sale in the alley next to the building gloria.

Kuotie, Food is like a pastel kind of like we eat snacks, oval shape, but when cooking with oil pastels on a lot for kuotie in cooking with a little oil and then given a little water and then closed
until the water is shrinking so that skin color is white kuotie , the contents of this kuotie course using pieces of pork and green vegetable, a place that sells food is at the row of buildings gloria chandra toward building located at the tip of the right.

Ketoprak, Jakarta typical food is no less delicious with any other foods in a glodok. with rice cake, noodles, tofu and sprouts with peanut sauce and sprinkle with fried onions on top is worth the try. in Glodok a place that sells this ketoprak alley at the side of petak sembilan .

Sate padang in Glodok satay padang is quite well known by the name of petak sembilan sate padang meat used is beef, besides there are also types of skewers of meat and bone tongue young . most delicious in my opinion is the tongue. Places that sell satay is located right next to the hotel if we want to enter the area glodok.

Selasa, 30 Agustus 2011

ITC Mangga Dua, Jakarta Barat

If we are the way to ITC Mangga Dua one of the largest wholesale shopping center in West Jakarta area and places to visit include compulsory in Cafeteria SY many of which we can meal

1. Soto Betawi style SY: Soto where the soup using milk not coconut
    milk you can try the taste very dellicious, with chilli emmm,,,,yummy,,, 
    you can choice beef meat or chicken meat


2. Soto Mie: With a piece of vermicelli , some tomato and a bit of noodle spring rolls in it, wow just delicious


3. Chicken Noodle: small curly noodles slightly crisp of course the chicken over noodles

4. Nasi Bakar: Special roasted rice in it already has a dish of salted fish and chicken and potatoes Balado
5. Pontianak hawker food cake especially young coconut cassava must be tested

For drinks that are sold in the Cafeteria SY we can try the key lime ice pontianak, SY-style ice to jellyice-liang tea, orange peel ice,,,,,

Sabtu, 27 Agustus 2011

Sunter Kuliner | Jakarta utara

Lots of people are looking for food at night for dinner, For sellers this is something that is profitable and therefore a lot of food seller who sell up to 12 o'clock at night.

For areas north Jakarta Sunter specifically area we can find food that tastes pontianak should in the trial, the area in question is on the road south of Lake Sunter, near sunter mall. Many foods can be tried include

1. noodle crab : where the noodle above given the crab meat, meatball small fish and some boiled shrimp tails are then sprinkle with scallions.

2.Fried Choipan : food within which there are stuffed with yam, leaf chives, green beans peeled.

3.Banana fried: fried banana roll in flour and fried with a crisp taste

4. Fish Porridge: Porridge cooked with rice and then given a piece of fish in the snapper and sprinkle with scallions and garlic in oil given